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Providing life insurance, mortgage insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance solutions for clients in Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, BC, & Alberta since 2003. We now offer travel insurance and extended health and dental insurance to better serve our clients.

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Travel Insurance

Learn how travel insurance can help protect you and your family

Travel Insurance

Enjoy Your Trip with Peace of mind

We want you to relax, have a good time, and unwind but before you leave do the one thing that could save you thousands or millions of dollars. Buy travel insurance.

It would be nice if you could guarantee good health and a safe trip, but in our world today, we know life, and certainly travel, are not predictable. Don't stop exploring; just protect yourself from the unexpected — our travel plans can help you do that.

Who is eligible for travel insurance

You are eligible for travel coverage if:

  • You are a resident of Canada
  • You have coverage with the government health plan of your province or territory
  • You apply for coverage before leaving on your trip

We provide travel coverage for people of any age. 

If you're a visitor to Canada and want to apply for health coverage while in BC, you may be eligible for our Visitors to Canada plan. 

Whether you're looking for just travel health coverage or a comprehensive package that includes baggage and trip cancellation for single or multiple trips– we have a solution for you!

Info sourced from Pacific Blue Cross