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Providing life insurance, mortgage insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance solutions for clients in Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, BC, & Alberta since 2003. We now offer travel insurance and extended health and dental insurance to better serve our clients.

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Disability Insurance

Learn how disability insurance can help protect you and your family

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance _ Nanaimo _ CK Insurance Brokers

Disability insurance can provide you with financial security by replacing a portion of your earnings when an accident or illness causes you to become disabled and unable to work or earn an income.

Accidents and illnesses are a fact of life. They could happen to anyone at any time. Did you know that:

  • 1 in 3 people, on average, will be disabled for 90 days or longer at least once before age 65.
  • The average length of a disability that lasts over 90 days is 2.9 years.

Both personal and business disability insurance solutions are available that offer flexibility and features to help bridge the gap between income and expenses during a disability.

Info sourced from Canada Life



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Protecting your income

Not many of us expect to be affected by a disability. Yet disabilities are a very real fact of life that can be financially devastating. Would you and your family be able to meet your daily financial obligations if you were unable to work?

Use our disability needs calculator to help you identify the income you need to maintain your current standard of living if you can’t work because of a disability.

We offer personal disability insurance products that offer flexibility and features to help bridge the gap between income and expenses during a disability. Whether you’re a professional, business owner, executive or employee, your advisor can tailor a plan to help meet your needs.

Protecting your business

Could a disability cost you your business?

Our overhead expense plan helps cover eligible business expenses (such as salaries, rent, utilities, property taxes, etc.).

Use our business expense calculator to help determine the monthly business expenses you need to cover to maintain profitability.

We also offer key person protection that provides benefits in the event of a key employee’s total disability.

Planning for your business succession

If you operate a business with one or more business owners, you contribute to its growth and share in its success. How would a disabled business owner affect your business? Would there be lost productivity and profits, pressure from suppliers and creditors, or damage to client relationships?

The Buy/Sell Plan is designed to provide funds to help enable the business or one or more business owners to purchase the shares or ownership interest of a totally disabled shareholder or partner.

Info sourced from Canada Life